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This is a one-day interactive, training programme designed to help front-line staff to improve the service they offer disabled customers and other people with specific needs. We can deliver this as an in-house training programme, or brief your trainers to enable them to deliver it to your employees and provide all of the required training materials.

Learning outcomes

The training programme aims to enable participants to:

  • recognise the benefits of providing excellent service to disabled customers
  • identify their responsibilities under the Human Rights Act
  • identify what disabled customers need and expect
  • adopt a positive approach to meeting these needs and expectations
  • welcome customers with specific needs and communicate effectively with them
  • identify ways in which they can improve accessibiity where they work
  • develop an action plan to improve the service they offer to disabled customers and others with specific needs

Programme content

1. Welcoming disabled customers

  • Introduction
  • Why are we here?
  • Attitudes and behaviour

2. The benefits of an accessible service

  • Accessiblity – why bother?
  • Meeting legal requirements
  • The law in practice
  • Access means business
  • National Accessible Scheme
  • Access audits and access statements
  • Delivering first-class service to all our customers

3. Adopting a positive approach

  • Everyone is an individual
  • Visible and invisible disabilities
  • Removing barriers – improving accessibility

4. Communicating effectively

  • Communication matters
  • Accessible websites
  • Choosing your words
  • Communicating with deaf and hearing impaired customers
  • Communicating with customers with learning disabilities
  • Communicating with customers with a speech impairment
  • Communicating with customers with a visual impairment
  • Communicating in writing
  • Obtaining and using customer feedback

5. Improving accessibility

  • Ensuring a warm welcome
  • Helping customers to move around
  • Assistance dogs
  • Providing food and drink*
  • Providing accessible accommodation* 
  • Creating an accessible leisure facility*
  • Providing accessible transport services*

6. Making a difference

  • Taking action
  • Who can help?

* Optional sections

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